Join me for a Social Media Protection / Compliance and Archiving Webinar


Regulated companies typically are not using social media in a complaint manner.

Banks, Credit Unions and other regulated companies usage of social media can for the most part be represented by one of the two following scenarios.

  1. Non-Compliant Usage – This scenario is typically one where individual employees are using social media.  Despite the fact that the company may have strict guidelines for social media usage mistakes are often made.
  2. Non-Usage – Many companies have completely avoided social media for fear of regulatory issues.  But with the now widespread use of social media this approach is quickly becoming impractical.
  3. Manual Compliance – Still other companies have embraced social media in an official manner but are manually archiving and monitoring social media.  While these companies should be applauded for being thought leaders this approach is a risky proposition as errors can result in non-compliance.


The SEC, FINRA, NCUA and other regulatory agencies have issued guidance on social media usage.  The guidance makes using social media similar to advertising or general client communication from a regulatory perspective.  However most companies do not have systems in place to deal with this new communication medium.

We will be hosting this Social Smart Software webinar on Tuesday December 3rd at 11AM eastern and learn how i-Comply social media compliance software can help your company overcome these obstacles and leverage social media in a low risk compliant manner.

Sign-up here – or visit for more information.


Morris Tech Meetup / Meeting Tonight

For all my friends in the NJ area – I will be hosting a meeting tonight at FDU with our local technology networking group.  It is a group of entrepreneurs and technology executives – this month’s keynote speaker is Dan Keoppel the Executive Director of Verizon Ventures.  Visit – to join the group if you are interested this meetup or a future event.  

See you there!

Chatham Technology Group / Meeting


For all my friends in the NJ area – we will be hosting a meeting Tuesday on main street in Chatham with our local technology networking group.  It is a group of entrepreneurs and C level technology executives – we discuss our current endeavors and technology trends.  Visit – to join if you are interested.

Come See Me present at the App Throwdown at IBM Connect in Orlando

IBM Connect

IBM has selected Social Smart Software to present at IBM Connect next week in the App Throw-down.  During the presentation I will demonstrate the i-Comply social media compliance software and the various integration points into IBM technologies.  The session will have specific focus on integrations with IBM Social software solutions including IBM Connections 4 and IBM Notes Social Edition and bringing value to our mutual customers.

Here is IBM’s description of the event – Join as we host a live throwdown of social applications from our IBM Business Partners. In this fast-paced session, IBM Business Partners will be competing for a chance to present in the App Dev Throwdown, which is part of the Wednesday Opening General Session. You, the audience, will decide which company will join other Business Partners in Wednesday’s session. Using capabilities in the latest releases of IBM’s collaboration software, the apps will span a variety of disciplines and will show the value – for both people and organizations – of becoming a social business. Come and see these real solutions and be a part of the next generation of social applications.

If you are at the event please join us and vote for us if you like us – Monday, 28/Jan 02:15 PM – 03:15 PM in the Disney World Dolphin Resort room N. Hem E.

My Detailed iPhone 5 Review on the blog


So my Smartphone experience dates back to the Palm Kyocera and the original BlackBerry devices with built in phones.  As most of you know I have also been involved with enterprise mobility apps before they were called “apps”.  But I have been using the iPhone 5 since it hit the market a few months ago and I am ready to say that although it is not perfect the iPhone 5 is the best Smartphone I have ever used.  Here is my detailed analysis.

Overall Appearance  – 10/10 – The screen and resolution is fantastic – the body of the device is beautiful.  It looks like a work of art.

Screen Size – 6/10 – I like the longer screen but I wish it were a bit wider – it actually seems disproportional to some degree.  I especially wish the screen were wider because I have big hands and typing on the virtual keyboard would be less cramped.

Typing / Keyboard – 5/10 – As mentioned above I wish the screen were wider so the virtual keyboard were bigger.  Also many apps (even some built by Apple) don’t allow you to type in landscape mode where the keyboard is bigger.  I have used the Siri voice input from time to time and it is good but not great.

Social Integration – 8/10 – The integration with Facebook and Twitter is good.  The ability to easily share pictures, movies and other content from native iOS applications is quite convenient.  I wish there was even more integration across applications.  For instance when you want to accept a friend request from inside of email it launches the web browser instead of the Facebook or LinkedIn apps that are loaded on the device.  This type of interoperability would be nice but overall the social integration is very good.

Battery – 7/10 – Battery life is good enough – I can poll for email every 15 minutes and have Skype running all the time and still make it through the day with heavy usage.  But I wish it had a removable battery so I could carry an extra one. I have solved that by buying an external battery pack –

Built in Apps / Mail / Calendar / Text… – 9/10 – The built in apps (except for maps) are excellent.  I can easily sync multiple calendars and manage multiple email accounts with ease.  They are very good.

Camera / Video – 9/10 – The camera and video capture is very good.  I don’t use it as my main camera yet but who knows.

Notifications – 10/10 – The notification system is excellent and almost BlackBerry like.  It is able to keep you informed of important information as the day goes by including email, text, calendar events, weather…  In my opinion BlackBerry was always ahead here but iOS6 brings the notification system on par with BlackBerry – it is really excellent.

Siri – 6/10 – Although Siri is limited it is the first voice controlled system that I have found useful for basic tasks.  Like setting reminders, set alarm clock and other basic functions.  It has a long way to go but it is useful.

Apps – 10/10 – There are an unfathomable amount of apps available.  The device does an excellent job of sandboxing the apps so they don’t interfere with other apps of affect performance and battery life.  It is really well done!

Performance 10/10 – Performance is always excellent.  I never need to wait for anything – the device is incredibly fast.

Durability – 3/10 –I have not broken it yet it seems very fragile.  You absolutely need a case that extends over the sides to protect the screen and screen guards or you will have a scratched screen and device in a few hours I believe.  I use this case and it does a good job of protecting the phone without adding bulk –

Phone – 10/10 – The phone has great quality when talking and the voicemail and other supporting apps are fantastic.

Maps / GPS – 5/10 – The built in maps app is poor in that it is not very accurate but the integration of the maps with Siri is very useful in my opinion.  I have loaded Waze and Google Maps from the app store and I use Waze or Google for voice guided GPS on long trips to my kids various sporting events.  But I have found the integration of Siri with the built in maps app very useful.  If I am lost and trying to find something I can just tell Siri “navigate to 1 main street in mytown New Jersey” and it launches the built in maps and starts voice guidance.  So when you are in a jam Siri and the built in Maps app is great.

Data Usage / Controls  5/10 – The device uses massive amounts of data and I would give it a 1/10 for data usage but the controls they have implemented over data usage are very good.  It can seamlessly switch to WIFI from cellular and you can explicitly control what apps are allowed to use cell data.  In my opinion these controls mitigate the data hog issues the device has.

Lightning Cable / Charging – 6/10 – So I hate that this is a proprietary cable (micro USB would have been better) but I like that the cable can be inserted either way and it is very easy to plug in.  Also you don’t need the cable to sync with iTunes as it can be done over wifi so you really only need to mess with it for charging.

New Innovation – 4/10 – The iPhone itself is highly innovative.  But I feel it has been quite some time since there were game changing innovations provided in the iPhone platform.  An obvious innovation would have been NFC (near field communication) to provide the ability for the phone to act as a digital wallet / credit card.  Let’s hope for this in the next release.  But Apple needs to “upset the apple cart” soon or devices like this will be a commoditized and in my opinion the Apple premium pricing will not hold up.  Let’s see what the future brings!

Overall Rating 9/10 – It is the best Smartphone I have ever used.  It is a beautiful device with snappy performance and a fantastic notification system.  Siri is usable and there are no showstoppers that would make me dislike the device.  I wish it had some more innovative features like NFC but in my opinion it has achieved the holy grail of being the one and only device you need for everything including phone, mail, calendar, music, GPS and much more.  In addition the abundance of third party apps easily overcome any shortcomings the device has thus making it a fantastic overall device.